Important News for all TipzNTrikz members

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Important News for all TipzNTrikz members

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:19 am

Hey guys its Jesse. Just wanted to give you guys an update on what is happening with TipzNTrikz.
I first wanted to say thank you to everyone that have been active members of TipzNTrikz and have helped us get where we are today. We are reaching a much broader audience now with our latest video receiving over 1,000 views in one week. So anyway thanks for all the support and help you guys have given us. I wanted to basically give you guys a heads up warning about what is happening with me. At this point me and TheHotTamaleGuy are working on a bunch of videos for the coming weeks. Normally we do videos on a week to week basis but this will not be possible in the coming future. As of Feb.9th I will be out of the United States. I will be In Costa Rica doing a joint Spanish and science study abroad trip for exactly a month. Durring this time TheHotTamaleGuy has volunteered to handle all of the components of TipzNTrikz, and to upload on a pretty regular basis. when i return i will be starting the new series that we outlined. For right now you guys can expect to see at least one dual com. And a couple of other games aswell as a new more entertaining series Utter stupidity. This series will focus on the funniest moments and the clip we have for you guys is priceless. I will have my computer and will be in touch with TheHotTamaleGuy on a semi regular basis. Im not sure exactly where and when i will have internet access or even electricity but when i do i will be checking up and answering messages. I just wanted to put this out there so that you all know where i am. Also any member uploads from you guys are really appreciated and will be reviewed by TheHotTamaleGuy for submission to the channel
thanks to everyone
see you in a month


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